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1.5" 1 Layer EDC Belt /1" Buckle
Our Price: $45.00

1 layer of 1.5" dive belt webbing (all our other belts have 2 layers) with 1" mil. spec. webbing going around the entire belt connecting the 1" AUSTRIALPIN COBRA buckle to the 1.5" material. No Velcro on the tail for quick and easy on the fly adjustments and it comes with an elastic tail keeper; 9" of adjustment. This is an EDC belt, but not a true gun belt in that it is not as wide or nearly as stiff. This belt is great for women who are bothered by a really rigid belt on their hips or men who might want a less stiff belt. Tired of blowing out holes on your cheap leather belts and want something more substantial, this might be your belt. Not recommended for outside the waist band carry. If you want a true rigid gun belt order one of our other belts. SIZING: MEN - ORDER THE SAME SIZE BELT AS THE PANT SIZE YOU WEAR WHILE YOU CARRY. WOMAN - SEE FAQ.


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