1.) What size belt should I order?

We recommend that you order the belt size of the pants you wear WHILE YOU CARRY.
Duty belts worn over another belt, one size larger.
True measurement in inches for example, our size 34 belt will go smaller to 32" and go larger to about 42", so most of the adjustment will be going larger.

2.) What if my belt doesn't fit the way I want?

Contact us immediately, return the new belt to us and we will build you a brand new belt and send it to you. The return shipping back to you will be $8.05. Read belt exchange postage option under "apparel" for all the info.

3.) What is your lead time?

At present, we will ship your order within 5 working days unless we are temporarily out of a part for your belt.

4.) Will the 1" COBRA Buckle go through belt loops?

Most likely not, and very snug if it would. Retain your sanity and take the male end of the buckle off and thread the tail of the belt through your belt loops. FYI: 1" COBRA buckles are 1.5" wide on the outside, and 1.5" buckles are 2"


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